Art 574 Printmaking

Studio Arts

spring 2012


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Office: FA 256
Phone: (323) 343-4029
FAX: (323) 343-4045

Prerequisite:  Six units of ART 474.  We will work in two selections of printmaking media stressing professional competence in techniques and art concepts.  Polymer intaglio and relief printmaking provides techniques of (blind) embossing, relief, monoprint, and collograph. The distinctive qualities of these techniques, as well as the ways in which they may be combined, are explored. Professional practice in proofing and printing is emphasized. Intaglio and relief printmaking is presented not only as a reproductive process, but also as a medium of tremendous expressive potential in its own right. The connection between printmaking and other media (drawing, painting, sculpture) is also examined.  Activity 6 hours.  May be repeated to maximum of 12 units. This course may be repeated to maximum of 9 units.  Activity 6 hours. $20 Lab fee


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