ART 159 Survey and Studio: Introduction to Drawing



Robert Martin




Class Time

    Monday & Wednesday 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m., FA 206


Tuesdays & Thursdays  1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


You are not required to purchase a textbook.  You are strongly encouraged to research drawing techniques, as well as contemporary artist issues at the university and public libraries, galleries, museums and through the Internet.

Course Description

Beginning drawing is an introduction to the history, materials, techniques and vocabulary of drawing. You will work toward acquiring skills in manipulating a variety of media including charcoal, graphite, ink and chalk. Most assignments will be made from life and every student will explore techniques and concepts that enable you to translate three-dimensional visions into two-dimensional language of drawing.  No prerequisite is required.

This is a General Education (GE) course that fulfills a GE C2 block. The General Education program at Cal State LA is designed to provide students the opportunity to improve or refine their basic skills and to develop a broad base of knowledge from a wide range of disciplines.  GE courses provide an opportunity to sample different academic areas and may help a student find their major field of study.

Course Content

This course is an introduction to the art of drawing and two-dimensional visualization. As one of the core foundation courses in art, drawing is a basic skill that can enhance not only careers in art, but also an asset to any professional career. The ability to communicate withdrawing skills is as valuable as learning to write effectively. Drawing can be an artistic medium of its own;many artists have played roles in history with drawing. In addition, when great artists are studied, often their preliminary drawing reveal their creative processes.

During the tenure of the course each student will build a portfolio of drawings in addition to the weekly projects assigned during class periods. The portfolios will demonstrate course progress and acquired skill sets. More course objectives will be discussed at the beginning of each project lecture.

Method of Evaluation

Attendance is required at every class. Absences due to illness, emergency or certain University functions are sometimes necessary but students are responsible for all material covered during their absence.  Projects received after the deadline will reduce the project’s grade by one letter for each class period the work is late.

Class Participation

Participation in class discussions and attendance at group critiques are mandatory.  You must be present to present your work class reviews. Please observe cell phone etiquette by turning off your device during class.

Class Website

An online syllabus with photos of student project examples is located at:

Grading Rubric

All projects will be averaged on a 4-point scale.  All projects are due at the end of class.

A        4.00

You went beyond all expectations

A-       3.67

Your craftsmanship is exceptional

B+      3.33

You met all expectations, but did not push the boundaries

B        3.00

You did a very good job, but did not follow all directions

B-       2.67

You did not show mastery of skills and craftsmanship

C+      2.33

You did just enough to get by

C        2.00

You did minimum requirements necessary

C-        1.67

Your assignment shows poor craftsmanship

D+       1.33

You did not meet the lesson objectives

D        1.00

You did not follow directions

D-       0.67

Projects lacks understanding of drawing principles

F        0.00

No project – no grade


An incomplete grade is only assigned if you miss

no more than 2 class days

Course Assignments     (press dates to view each project)

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Academic Honesty

Supply List

Safety Requirements:

Safety goggles

Work gloves

Dust mask

Other Supplies:

Mechanical Pencil,.05

Mechanical Pencil,.07

2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B graphite pencils

Compressed CharcoalMedium

Charcoal Pencil

Soft vine or willow charcoal

Blending Stump

Gum Eraser

Kneaded Rubber Eraser

Newsprint Pad18” x 24”

Bristol Pad9” x 12”   or   18” x 24”

Sketch Board23.5” x 26”  or  20” x 26”  (include clips for drawing board)

Spray fixative

Black India Ink

Bamboo reed pen

Sumi brush (one large or medium)

24 “ or longer metal ruler with cork back

Plastic containers for water – example; small yoghurt containers or plastic palette

Box for supplies

You can purchase most of these items from the University Book Store. Other items may be found at Dick Blicks, Utrecht, and or Michaels Art Supply. Please save receipts for your purchases in the case you need to return something to the art supply store.