La Création Du Monde, is a 17-minute-long ballet with music composed by Darius Milhaud between 1922-1923. It outlines the Creation of the World, based on African folk mythology.

June 1, 2010, CSULA’s New Music Ensemble performed a multimedia version directed Professor John Kennedy with video imagery by Professor Robert Martin. Martin’s recent works utilize computerized video special effects and computer generated animation.  His imagery is highly abstract, spontaneous, and painterly.

Kelly Haley, flute*

KAthy Mach, flute

Kimberly Lamb, obe*

Christina Giacona, clarinet*

Luis Tafoya, clarinet

Krista Wodelet, bassoon*

Jeff Benedict, saxophone**

Lisa McCormick, french horn*

Jesus Viramontes, trombone

Daniel Sauceda, timpani

tony Shogren, percussion

Yechuan Song, piano

Jason Chen, violin

Pablo Mendez, violin

Linda Rife, violoncello

Kraig Long, double bass

*Los Angeles New Music Ensemble

**CSULA Music Department Faculty